gongkan at a glance

Shenzhen Geokey Group Co., Ltd. was established in October 1991. Its registered capital is presently RMB320 million. The Group is among those which are first transformed from hydrogelogical corps into a professional company engaged in survey and design and geotechnical engineering. Over three decades of development, GongKan Group has been inheriting the blood lineage of the Hydrogelogical Corps and adhering to the "pioneering spirit". The Group has steadily developed into a national-level high-tech enterprise which owns the most complete survey and design industry qualifications and is leading in geotechnology in China.

  In 1974, shouldering the important task of thoroughly finding out China’s ground water resources, the Infrastructural Construction Engineering Hydrogelogical Corps came into being. With the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, “Regiment 912” of the Corps entered Shenzhen in its entire organizational system in 1983. On December 25 of the same year, "Regiment 912" was collectively transferred to civilian work and was reorganized into a municipally affiliated entity, and “Shenzhen Geotechnical Investigation Company” was formed, in which the "Geotechnical Department" and “Geotechnical Design Institute” are the predecessor of Shenzhen GongKan Geotechnical Group Co., LTD. In 1991, after approved by Shenzhen People’s Government, "Shenzhen Huanyu Geotechnical Engineering Company was formed and it was renamed "Shenzhen GongKan Geotechnical Engineering Co., Ltd.” in 1996 and was established as "Shenzhen GongKan Geotechnical Group Co., LTD." in 2014.
  The Group has been granted: “Grade A Qualification for Comprehensive Engineering Survey” by Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Construction; the 4 Grade A Qualifications for Geological Disaster Prevention Project Survey, Design and Construction and for Geological Disaster Risk Assessment, as well as Grade A Qualification for Geological Survey (Hydrogelogical, Engineering and Environmental Geology Surveys) issued by Ministry of Land Resources; Grade A Qualification for Survey and Mapping issued by State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping; a number of qualifications for contracting the construction of municipal works, water conservancy and hydropower works, river and lake regulation works, ground base and foundation works and other special engineering works; the “Qualification for Construction Project Quality Inspection Agency" and "CMA Metrological Certification" laboratory.
  "Talent, Technology, Innovation, Cooperation". GongKan Group orients itself as a high-end professional, talented and technologically intensive concentric and diversified professional company which is integrated with geological disaster prevention and control and geotechnical engineering survey, design and construction. The Group has attracted and cultivated many engineering technical talents who have practical experience and it has engaged a number of experts and professors who have influences in the industry as its technical consultants. It has also owned advanced technical r&d strengths. Currently, the Group has 3 professorial senior engineers, 56 senior engineers and 106 engineers; 260 of them hold the college degree or above, and 5 has the doctor’s degree and 58 the master’s degree; the Group has 126 professionals who have been granted the various practicing qualifications such as Registered Geotechnical Engineer, Registered Constructor and Registered Costing Engineers.
  Over the recent 20 years, GongKan Group has completed a large number of national, provincial and municipal level key projects. Dozens of the projects have won the national and ministerial level awards and other national awards and hundreds of them have received provincial and municipal level excellent project awards. "The geotechnical engineering survey and foundation pit support and protection design for SEG Plaza" won the national golden Award; "the geotechnical engineering survey, land reclamation and ground base treatment engineering design for Shenzhen-Hong Kong Western Corridor First-Line Port Area" received the national silver Award; "the geotechnical engineering survey for Shenzhen University Games Center” was granted China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Award; "the underground pipeline information system of Shenzhen Eastern Overseas Chinese Town (OCTSPGIS)" won China Geographic Information Industry Silver Award; "the seabed terrain survey for Vanke Huidong Pinghai Double-Moon Bay" won National Excellent Surveying and Mapping Engineering Bronze Award.
  The Group focuses on technological innovation and scientific development and maintains extensive technical exchanges with industry peers and scientific research institutions; it takes the industry association responsibility, inputs in the compilation and formulation of industry technical specifications and has signed the talent training agreement successively with Sun Yat-sen University, Chengdu University of Technology and other colleges; it has also established joint research and teaching practice bases with them.
  In terms of independent intellectual property rights, the Group owns tens of computer software copyrights in State Copyright Office and over 100 invention patents and utility model patents in National Intellectual Property Right Office; a number of its subject researches have passed the scientific and technological achievement identification and formed the corresponding national, provincial and municipal level engineering approaches.
  In the aspect of modern technology and equipment, GongKan Group is committed to upgrading the technology and equipment of the geotechnical engineering industry to advanced international level. The Group has various large equipment such as German Bauer series rotary excavator, hydraulic grab bucket, casing oscillator, Sanyhi series and CSR series rotary excavators, lock-joint pile and dynamic compaction machine; it owns geological radar detection vehicle, ultrasonic wall measuring instrument, CMA certification lab, as well as hundreds of sets of measurement, test, exploration, monitoring and detection specialized equipment.
  The Group’s headquarters building is located in the south area of Shenzhen High-Tech Park, Guangdong Province. GongKan Group will adhere to its corporate spirit "diversity, constant self-improvement and joint pursuit of the development of the geotechnical cause" to promote the harmonious development between mankind and the nature with geotechnology.